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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Frequently Requested Records​​​​​

  • ROI 19-0714 Redacted

  • Investigation into Misrepresentations of the Ori​​gins of the Proposed Citizenship Question on the 2020 Decennial Census​​​​​

  • ITMS FOIA Release - March 19, 2021​​​

  • OSY Investigation of [redacted] (OSY/ITMD) (19-0108), 05.2021 ​​​​​​

  • ​Allegations of Time and Attendance Fraud and Other Misconduct by Employees in the Census Hiring and Employment Check Office (14-0790), 09.2015​​​​​​

  • Time and Attendance Abuse by Patent Examiner A (15-0076), 08.2015​​​​​​

  • Investigation into Environmental Stewardship on NOAA Research Vessel (14-0505), 08.2015)

  • Review of Alleged Misconduct and Waste of Government Resources by a Senior Official (14-0153), 08.2015​​​​​​

  • Review of Sole Source Award for Executive Search Services​ (14-0408), 06.03.15

  • Investigation into Alleged Contracting Misconduct and Exertion of Improper Influence Involving a Senior National Weather Service Official​ (12-0447), 06.03.15​

  • OIG Report of Investigation: Former Special Agents Travel Voucher and Time and Attendance Fraud (PPC-CI-12-0236-X), 09.25.2014

  • Significant Security Deficiencies in NOAA's Information Systems Create Risks in Its National Critical Mission (OIG-14-025-A), 07.15.2014

  • Review of Conduct by a High-Ranking USPTO Official in the Hiring of a Trademark Organization Employee (13-0726), 07.08.2014

  • OIG Report of Investigation: Bloomberg Financial News, 05.13.2014

  • OIG Action Memorandum Closure BIS (FOP-WF-13-1184-P), 11.14.2013

  • OIG Report of Investigation US Foreign and Commercial Service International Trade Administration (FOP-WF-12-1077-I), 9.13.2013

  • Inspector General Referral Possession of Pornography by NOAA Employee (PPC-CI-12-0456-H), 02.06.2013

  • Results of Investig​ation, Re: A​lleged Theft of NIST Copper Wire (OIG Case #FOP-WF-11-0507-I), 06.25.2012​​​​​

  • Administrative Matters Concerning BIS' Export Enforcement (IPE-15155-2), 06.04.2003

  • Final Inspection Report: Improvements are needed to better enforce dual-use export control (IPE-15155), 03.31.2016

  •  NIST FY 1996 Charges to the Environmental Protection Agency (EDAD-10062-7-0001), 08.1997

  • Weather Service Modernization Contract to be reduced (ENT-8749-7-0001), 03.1997