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 Report Fraud, Waste, Abuse, & Whistleblower Reprisal

​​​​​​​​​​The Office of Inspector General (OIG) maintains a Hotline for receiving allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and gross mismanagement in U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) programs or operations, including any organization or entity receiving DOC funds. Allegations may be reported 24 hours a day, seven days a week by DOC employees, contractors, or the public. Our Online Complaint Form is the most efficient means to file a complaint.

If you suspect that you have been retaliated against for whistleblowing, please contact the OIG Hotline or the U.S. Office of Sp​​ecial Couns​​el. For further information, please see OIG's Whistleblower Protection Program page.

Please provide relevant and specific details of your complaint, including the identity of the person, company, or organization alleged to have engaged in wrongdoing; a description of the alleged impropriety; the DOC facility and program affected by the alleged misconduct; contract numbers (if available); date(s) of alleged wrongdoing; how you are aware of the alleged impropriety; the identity of potential witnesses; and the identity and location of supporting documentation. 

▷ How are Complaints Processed?

The OIG will evaluate your complaint and determine an appropriate course of action. Options include opening an OIG review (audit, evaluation or investigation); referring the matter to DOC management for review and corrective action, if warranted; referring the matter to another Federal agency; or taking no action (allegations that do not involve a potential violation of law, rule, regulation, or policy as well as allegations with limited specificity or merit may be closed with no further action). In addition, Section 7(b) of the IG Act requires the OIG to protect the identity of a federal employee who files a complaint or provides information unless (a) the employee consents to disclosure or (b) the Inspector General determines that disclosure of the employee’s identity is unavoidable during the course of an investigation.

▷ What to Report to the DOC Hotline?

• Contract and Grant Fraud
• Environmental, Health, and Safety Violations
• Computer Crimes (including internet pornography)
• Product Substitution and Suspect/Counterfeit Parts
• Bribery, Kickbacks, and Gratuities
• False Statements and False Claims
• Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Violations
• Travel Fraud
• Theft or Abuse of Government Property
• Gross Mismanagement of Funds
• Other Violations of Federal Laws and Regulations

▷ What NOT to Report to the DOC Hotline?

Certain matters may be better resolved through other channels, instead of the DOC Hotline. The following matters are NOT generally investigated by the Department of Commerce OIG:
911 Emergencies regarding DOC facility or operation [Report to local or state law enforcement authorities and Department of Commerce, Office of Security]
Complaints of EEO discrimination [Report to Department of Commerce, Office of Civil Rights]
Personal theft [Report to Department of Commerce, Office of Security]
Personnel matters involving requests for individual relief [Report to servicing Office of Human Resources Management]
Employment related grievances or complaints against management officials unless part of a whistleblower claim. [Report to servicing Office of Human Resources Management]

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Submit a complaint using our online Complaint Form (preferred method). ​​​​​


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